The Evidence Cube

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This product was designed by our staff to assist and enhance your crash or crime scenes. The Evidence Cube is a multi functional tool used to help your evidence collection and documentation.

Evidence markers currently used by Law Enforcement are made of plastic and are formed in a tent style or cone style product. These items are light weight and are not always reliable in outdoor environments, due to wind, rain and snow.

Our product is made of durable aluminum, it is perfect for all scenes and weather conditions. This cube product has different markings on each side, which allows the investigator many options to record the crucial evidence. One side can be custom labeled with letters or numbers, while the remaining sides each have a different colored reflective tape, these sides help investigators with night time photography. Crash investigators use this option for documenting tire marks and vehicle paths.

This new product is made in the U.S.A. It is a durable item that will survive all conditions and a must have for government agencies or private corporations.

(Available in sets of 20 cubes)
1-20 / 20-40 / 40-60

(Available in set of 26 cubes)

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