Midwest Aero Technologies

Midwest Aero Technologies was formed in 2018 by Mr. Timothy D. Brown as a “sister” company of Timothy D. Brown and Associates. With the purchase of his first drone, the DJI Phantom 4 drone Mr. Brown’s intentions were strictly recreational. With technology changing as quickly as it does his thoughts went from “flying for fun” to “how can I use this drone in my area of expertise”?

Drones in Crash Reconstruction

The use of drones in Crash Reconstruction helps our team to gather further information from an aerial perspective rather than just using photos taken from the ground. It gives us a much wider and clearer area of the scene involved. We are able to take photos and video that can be used with some of our other software programs to assist in creating an aerial perspective of the scene. We also provide mapping services for construction, inspections and agriculture. Our drone services are being used in commercial property advertising as well as business advertising. We are able to complete full roof inspections from the safety of the ground. The use of drones are also being used in Real Estate, capturing the aerial view of a home with property or just vacant land. Mapping of property to create an orthomosaic or a 3-D model has become one the key elements of our business. The use of drones in areas of Law Enforce and Safety have increased exponentially, as in search and rescue. The uses of drones are limitless and this is why the company was created.

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